I'm convinced my school has vampires. This is why...
  1. Century old campus
    If an institution has been around since the 1800s, it's safe to assume there is some kind of vampire activity going on.
  2. There are tunnels
    Some claim there are no tunnels where others swear they have been in the tunnels. The majority of people agree on the existence of the tunnels.
  3. School takes an official stance in regard to resurrection of the dead
    This one speaks for itself.
  4. Professor got up and talked for 10 minutes about NOT being a vampire
    Obviously something a vamp would do.
  5. This door.
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    Obviously some kind of a haunted half door.
  6. The dean is nocturnal
    Literally. He will schedule appointments for 2 am in his personal library.
  7. Creepy organ music playing from an unknown location