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I wanted to write it down so I did.
  1. Waking up
    With two too many people in my bed, probably. The two extras are aged under 8 so it's not as sordid and saucy as it sounds.
  2. Getting out of bed
    Probably about 15 minutes before I need to but I need to save my neck and my back because the bod's not what it used to be. Neck and back recovery (from two too many people - even kids!- in your queen sized bed) can be longer than previously experienced.
  3. Popping a script, brushing the chompers, splashing some water and toner on my face.
    You don't need to wash your face every morning, you know!
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I love her and the shit she says
  1. I want to leave London
    When she lived in London. (Years 2-7)
  2. I should buy more things
    Just a thought
  3. I want to go back to London
    About 6 months after leaving London during Year 8.
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  1. My lists
  2. I mean, my kids. Darn spellcheck!!
Hi guys! Install and follow me please because asking nicely.
  1. Dana
    Didn't we do this pre-iPhones like 20 years ago?!
  2. Jess W.
    I would have told you about it earlier today but I just installed it tonight!
  3. Jeremy
    In general, he likes the things I like.
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  1. How was your week with Julie Klausner
  2. WTF w Marc Maron
  3. Dinner Party Download
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  1. Billy Madison
    This is Frank's
  2. Terms of Endearment
    I'll cry each and every time (spoiler alert!) her little boy visits her in the hospital to say goodbye. Each and every time.
  3. When Harry Met Sally
    Because yes, I was a teenager when it came out so it has informed each and every single decision I have ever made about each and every non familial relationship in my life.
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Full on grown up person if you ask my kids. Immature in so many ways to most everyone else.
  1. I'm the smartest person alive!
  2. The happiness each time my 7 year old gets one right. "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"
  3. My 4 year old pretty much doesn't get it but earlier today he gave me an exact quote from a contestant interview.
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