Hi guys! Install and follow me please because asking nicely.
  1. Dana
    Didn't we do this pre-iPhones like 20 years ago?!
  2. Jess W.
    I would have told you about it earlier today but I just installed it tonight!
  3. Jeremy
    In general, he likes the things I like.
  4. Liza and Glen
    Them too.
  5. Mara
    Writers like writing lists, right?
  6. Brenda
    My best audience. She'll favorite all my lists!!
  7. Dina
  8. Rebecca
    She cool.
  9. Harry
    He said it best when Instagram came out and unbeknownst to him I've been quoting him ever since. "This is exactly how I want to communicate with people." (Exactly how I felt about Bitmoji until I met this List App!)
  10. More people I'll have to introduce to it at a later date.