I love her and the shit she says
  1. I want to leave London
    When she lived in London. (Years 2-7)
  2. I should buy more things
    Just a thought
  3. I want to go back to London
    About 6 months after leaving London during Year 8.
  4. I should join a temple.
  5. Do I believe in anything?
  6. I should get a job
  7. Can you do my resume?
  8. I bought stuff
  9. I hate the stuff I bought. That was dumb.
  10. I should meditate. But I'm stressed about it.
    Meditate that! (She's said that too)
  11. You're messy.
    Not a direct quote but when we lived together (November 1999 - January 2003) she said it with her swagger all the time. All the freakin' time. And you know what? I was trying to not be messy! I was being nice!