Things I'm Doing Tomorrow Before 2:30

I wanted to write it down so I did.
  1. Waking up
    With two too many people in my bed, probably. The two extras are aged under 8 so it's not as sordid and saucy as it sounds.
  2. Getting out of bed
    Probably about 15 minutes before I need to but I need to save my neck and my back because the bod's not what it used to be. Neck and back recovery (from two too many people - even kids!- in your queen sized bed) can be longer than previously experienced.
  3. Popping a script, brushing the chompers, splashing some water and toner on my face.
    You don't need to wash your face every morning, you know!
  4. Moseying on down to the kitchen and do the breakfast thing.
    The breakfast thing involves asking 3-4 times, "What do you want for breakfast?!?!?!?!" About 50% of the time "making" it (waffle <times 2> with peanut butter or cream cheese and maybe a bowl of cereal - lately we are into multi grain Cheerios or puffins (original)) will not equal eating it my employers. You just can't get good service these days, am I right?! And they'll have changed their mind about what they actually want to eat.
  5. Somehow being out of time and rushing to put darling #1 on the school bus
    Sometimes make small talk with bus stop comrades and sometimes just good morning them. If someone has good gossip (I think this has happened once in the part three years/380 school mornings) then gossip because suburbs.
  6. Getting dressed and driving darling #2 to pre-school
    I'll do my breakfast which means making coffee and microwaving a mug of water to make hot water with lemon. I'm into it now. Because the internet told me to be.
  7. Heading to the gym for PIYO
    This kick ass class is a Pilates yoga combo and when I first told a friend about it she deadpanned, "Oh I did that when it was yogilates."
  8. Meeting a friend for early lunch
    That's cause I can and might not always be able to. I expect I'll always be able to eat lunch but perhaps with a full time job or running a business I might start one day my lunchtime gatherings might not be so flexible. Now they are so girls gonna get me some! And yeah, we'll probably hit a mall.
  9. Picking up items for Girl Scout troop meeting
    Darling #1 wanted to be in a troop so mom volunteered to lead it. This thing wasn't gonna run itself. Plus girl power dude. Duh.
  10. Dashing to school for meeting
    Yes we are painting pumpkins tomorrow and yes, of course it's for a good cause.
  11. Writing a new list about post 4 pm activities
    Only if they are expected to be 1/2 as interesting as the pre-2:30 fun.