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  1. Convenience. It's on Netflix.
  2. Kirsten Dunst. I should put in Eternal Sunshine to see her and Mark Ruffalo but that seems inconvenient.
  3. The road trip.
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  1. Pushing Daisies
  2. Arrested Development
  3. The Royal Tenenbaums
  1. Lyrics to prove how hip I am
  2. To remind me to remind my husband to watch
  3. To remind me just in general
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  1. Playing Two Dots until my free lives run out.
  2. Watching clips of Shia enjoying the Even Stevens Movie during #allmymovies
  3. Checking to see if I have a fresh life yet.
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I love Thanksgiving episodes. Here are some of my faves..
  1. Marry Me - Thank Me
    Oh the mind games, the stinky cheese, the tiny table! I love this episode so much I may pay for it on Amazon.
  2. Happy Endings - More Like Stanksgiving
    Oh Dave, your loss is certainly my gain.
  3. Brooklyn 99 - Thanksgiving
    The first episode where we see Captain Holt play along a bit and it's amazing.
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  1. Spotting spiders
  2. Telling people how to go about killing spiders
  3. Squealing while someone attempts to kill a spider
  4. Naps
  1. Miss Elizabeth from WWF
  2. Tambourine player for Bruce Springsteen
  1. How much the singer from Mumford and Sons sounds like Dave Matthews on certain songs.
  2. Four-way stops.
  3. How loudly I'm singing to Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams.
    I mean Shake It Off is one thing but Wildest Dreams?
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