idk about chronological order but damn close
  1. Ladybug
    a crowd pleaser. was my baby nickname.
  2. Princesses
    Snow White and Belle definitely happened. Idk about any others.
  3. Witch
    Cause I watched the movie remake of Bewitched and was OBSESSED
  4. Batgirl
    Everyone kept calling me Batman and I was like no! I am batgirl! Probably the start of my feminism but idk this was 4th grade
  5. Hannah Montana
  6. Cruella de Vil
    Joint costume with my sister, who was a Dalmatian. A good idea in theory, but horribly executed.
  7. Hippie
    I had a middle part it was atrocious
  8. Zombie
    This happened often. My go-to cause I could just throw some makeup on and BAM I was dead
  9. Alice Liddel
    Was obsessed with Alice: Madness Returns as well as the books so I was like "I'll make a dark and creepy Alice" and it kinda happened??
  10. Mad Hatter
    Part 2. Was actually pretty cute now that I think about it. Had the hat and everything.
  11. Rosie the Riveter
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    YES! God I loved this costume.
  12. Burglar
    A very last minute costume. Stole my friend's shirt.