Being a good wingman (or wingwoman) is a selfless act and specialized skill. Here are some items guaranteed to make your evening of winging a success.
  1. Drink money (as the Wingman, it’s likely your friend’s date will only pay for her)
  2. Gum (not for yourself)
  3. Hairspray (also not for yourself)
  4. A list of quirky and endearing stories about your friend that are designed to make her sound charming and down-to-earth
  5. An eBook (or just an actual book. No one will be paying any attention to you at all so it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Go for broke, and bring the complete works of James Patterson)
  6. Cab money (hunny, you’re going home alone)
  7. Comfortable shoes (in case you never find that cab)
  8. Pajamas and earplugs if your friend’s guy ends up doing one of those “hey-ladies-let’s-all-go-back-to-my-house-for-a-drink-but-this-really-means-I-want-to-fuck-one-of-you-and-I-don't -know-how-to-tell-the-other-one-to-leave”