Horophiliac confessions
  1. The gears
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    I have a love for exposed gears. They're so intricate & delicate looking. This is a picture of one of Patek Philippe's Grand Complications watches *faint*. I'm pretty sure I could stare at it for hours.
  2. The gems
    I use to think jewels in watches were purely for aesthetic purposes or to add value but apparently they help to reduce friction thereby extending the life of the watch. mind blown
  3. The 10 & 2
    So apparently there isn't any particular reason why companies set the hands at 10 & 2 other than the fact that it's ascetically pleasing and the hands don't block the date or brand name. It's like the watch is smiling at me.💙
  4. The time telling
    Watches tell time? What!?? You heard it here first, folks. ;) But for me, a watch serves as a reminder that time is fleeting & to use my time wisely.
  5. The company
    Wearing a watch is like having a constant friend by your side (or on your wrist). Maybe that's going a little far, but it's something familiar and...comfortable...??
  6. The history
    One of my favorite heirlooms is a gold pocket watch that belonged to my great grandfather. I didn't know him, but I'm pretty sure we would've been friends :)
  7. Embarrassing/awkward disclaimer
    I don't actually own a watch (oops...I usually just "borrow" someone else's), but it's not my fault! I'm not so crazy about the ones with metal wrist straps (at least on me). I love the leather ones, but I don't buy animal products, and to be frank, the canvas straps look cheap. Do you see my dilemma? I emailed a watch company about offering a "cruelty-free" wrist strap option...they never responded (I think they hate me)😫