Context shmontext
  1. "The taste of pudding lies in eating."
  2. "It's a war between black ants and red ants. Now they do a disco."
  3. "Do you want tea or coffee? Both are equally bad."
  4. "Mother Teresa really liked that dessert."
  5. "Literally, wife market."
  6. "I'm pretty sure the animals were illegally imported."
  7. "Michelle Obama, classy lady."
  8. "Our invoice guy is like a walking dementia."
  9. "Hillary became popular after Lewinsky."
  10. "They're disabled in their own way. One physically, one mentally."
  11. "I don't need sleeping pills. I put all the stress on my employees."
  12. Bush's son has a lot in common with politics here. He was corrupt and stole an election just like all of our politicians."
  13. "Fear is the ultimate motivator."
  14. "You drink the mango juice."