Airports are logistical train wrecks, but international terminals are the end of year showcase for airport logistical train wrecks
  1. The line to check-in, which is always 47324x longer than domestic check-in 🙅
  2. The way that everyone has quadruple the luggage, and feels compelled to roll it around on carts like some bad bumper car game 👜👝👛💼👜🎩🎁👜👜
  3. The bizarrely small carry-on weight limit 😠
  4. Waiting in line at immigration
  5. The way that jetlag makes people... Cheery
  6. The language barriers between travelers, security, immigration, and airline staff
  7. The somewhat scary way every line turns into a wang wang zone (Google it... It's a real thing)
  8. But hey! There is free vino on board! All is well. 🍷