...because weird things go on in the world of frequent flyer lounges. All of these are from the same evening.
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    A man wearing steel toe cowboy boots, a polo shirt and a tie 👢
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    A grand total of 6 wine glasses (in the whole lounge) 4 of which were different sizes 🍷
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    A payphone (these still exist?!)
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    A VCR... I still want to know what VHS tapes they had!
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    A handwritten ledger of guests (there is no way that is efficient) ✏️
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    The same wifi code as has been there for the last 2 years
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    "Special" Wifi that made me reminisce about my AOL dialup days
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    Piano pop music covers 🎼
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    A questionable journal with the words love, save yourself, soup and multiple versions of the alphabet all classily written on the same page💁
    Suggested by @brooke