From article by David Von Drehle http://time.com/deathpenalty/
  1. We're Not Getting Better At It
    We can't find the best way to effectively sentence people. Today they do lethal injections which have been botched or have gone wrong. Also some men have spent 40+ years on death row because of a long process. Some are also found innocent because of how we can look at evidence with today's technology
  2. Crime Rate Has Lowered
    Crime rate has lowered since the 1990's. In the 90's about 4-5 Americans were pro death penalty, but since crime is lower today you see states start to abolish capital punishment.
  3. Dwindling Justifications
    Prisons are safer now a days and people can live out life without parole in relative safety. Secondly it seem today people who have the money to pay for the best lawyers are the ones that are safest. "Those without capital get the punishment"
  4. Governments Are Going Broke
    Across the country governments are dealing with tight budgets. The death penalty system is a slow process where costs come from trials and hundreds of billable hours from lawyers, clerks, investigators and judges.
  5. The Justices
    We can't decide on who is and who isn't worthy if death. The justices can't agree. They can't decide which criminals are most worthy of death.