1. The Nightfly - Donald Fagen
    Heard the first time I visited an Italian restaurant. How sophisticated I felt!
  2. The Hounds of Love - Kate Bush
    It's in the trees. It's coming.
  3. The Lexicon of Love - ABC
    Listening to Anne Dudley's orchestration as we drove (in a minibus) through the mountains of Austria was sublime.
  4. A Secret Wish - Propaganda
    I bought everything from ZZT.
  5. Slave To The Rhythm - Grace Jones
    Heard in Austria. Bought in Good Vibrations on Great Victoria Street.
  6. Here's To Future Days - The Thompson Twins
    I can't listen to it without being overwhelmed by memories of my first week at university - the wonder, confusion, fear, excitement ... Not their best album. Probably not even a good one but it's so integral to those days that I can never be unbiased.