One of my favourite podcasts at the moment is Damian from Fucked Up's 'Turned Out A Punk' - conversations with people who are/were involved in punk and had it change their lives in some way. One topic always discussed is important shows that they attended while growing up; so inspired by that, here are three of mine...
  1. Strike Anywhere / New Mexican Disaster Squad / Bleed 13 @ The Ferryboat, Norwich.
    I grew up in a small village & as such, my exposure to punk was kind of limited. I was in to bands like AFI & Alkaline Trio in high school, but the only shows I went to were ones at bigger venues. Upon starting 6th form, I became friends with people who were in to punk & Strike Anywhere were one of the bands they played me who changed everything. A couple of months later, they played in a small pub & the whole experience was inspiring. They're still one of my favourite punk bands.
  2. Hearts / The Volunteers / Perfect Government / Up In Arms @ The Ferryboat, Norwich.
    This was the release show for the Hearts 7" & one of my formative experiences of 'local' punk shows. I was friends with some of Up In Arms, so it was cool seeing friends playing in bands I liked and the whole show was important in showing me that great bands worth supporting existed in my local scene. Seriously, I can't understate how much I loved Hearts (formerly Bleed 13) at the time. Sidebar: the singer plays bass in one of the bands I'm currently in. 18 year old me is stoked.
  3. The Last Chance final show w/ a million other great UK bands.
    This was one of the first shows that I travelled any great distance for (Sheffield). I'd really got in to the wider UK hardcore scene, particularly bands associated with the label Dead and Gone Records. I was just stoked on there being so many bands who sounded like the American bands I liked, BUT THEY WERE FROM THE UK. I know, right? There were so many great bands who played this show, but The Last Chance were the best. Still one of my favourite ever UK bands.