Some boys you just never get incomplete list of book crushes I've obsessed over
  1. THE OUTSIDERS: Sodapop Curtis
    Ok let's be real, I would have dated pretty much every single character in the Outsiders. But, I straight up LIVED FOR sections featuring Sodapop. Sweet, wise, and you just know he was hot AF. Add in the fact that he was played by Rob Lowe in the film adaptation. GREASERS FOREVER.
  2. THE DEAL: Garrett Graham
    Elle Kennedy outdid herself writing the character of Garrett Graham. This book is a fucking shining star in the pool of smut that is New Adult fiction. An overconfident hockey player who does fantastic banner but has some hidden daddy issues? Sign me up.
    So help me God I have never loved a character as much as I loved Wes. Like, i wanna get a heart tattoo on my flappy bicep with the words WES inside. It's been years since I read this book, but when I think "Book Crush" I think of WES. WES YOU ARE BAE FOREVER.
  4. FIGHT CLUB: Tyler Durden
    I FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY CRUSH, AND OK TYLER DURDEN IS TECHNICALLY JUST AN ALTER EGO, BUT C'MON. ok so I wouldn't date him, but Tyler Durden let's be friends with bennies and you can teach me a thing or two in between your acts of anarchy.
  5. OH MY STARS: Kjel
    Listen up, no one else I have ever talked to has read Lorna Landvik and it is an absolute disgrace because fuck me up, this book is INCREDIBLE. Meet Kjel, ( pronounced "Shell") a young, sexy, charismatic young man in the 60's who is lead singer of the Pearltones, a band that gains a Beatles fanbase. Add to the fact that he is unorthodox for his time and a total heartthrob, and you will totally understand.
  6. THE NOTEBOOK: Noah Calhoun
    This is my basic addition to the list. Girls with crushes on this character are a dime a dozen. I feel like I need to say no more.
    Oh yes, the girl crush is real. Lisbeth Sanders is smart, strong, sexy, and complicated. I honestly can't decide if I wanna be her, or be ON her. She would totally chew me up and spit me out, but I'd be willing to explore my bisexual side with Lisbeth time and again.