Chapter Titles for My Autobiography

  1. Life is a bitch.
  2. Responsibly is important.
  3. Eat, sleep and sleep some more
  4. The awkward teen years
  5. The awkward adult years
  6. Growing up awkwardly
  7. My obsession with tailored suits
  8. Why I like being alone and not around people
  9. Cars, cars, and more cars
  10. Why I don't watch the elections
  11. The depression in my life
  12. The mission I served
  13. The college years
  14. The Utah saga
  15. That one time...
  16. Two months of sinus infections back to back
  17. When I crapped my pants at school
  18. Being told I was stupid by my teacher
  19. Failing high school
  20. The time I wore two belts because I thought it was cool
  21. The day my heart broke
  22. When I wanted to become an actor
  23. The day my parents told me they were proud of me
  24. When grandpa died and I never cried so hard before
  25. Buying my first project car
  26. When I started collecting Pokemon cards
  27. Why I loved Dragon Ball Z growing up.
  28. Wisdom teeth horror
  29. When I wore yellow pants to school
  30. When dyslexia came in
  31. Rooming with my best friend
  32. All the girls I dated are now married
  33. Why marriage scares me
  34. Soup; my comfort food
  35. My liver issues
  36. The credit union
  37. Working for the DI
  38. Being fired from a call center because I was talking to the customer too much and not about the product I was selling.
  39. The different mask I wear
  40. Why school is so hard for me
  41. Why I lied to people
  42. 80s music speaks to me
  43. Born 50 years to laye
  44. Why I have to smell good all the time
  45. My smile makes me insecure; yet I smile anyways
  46. People I idolize
  47. People who hate me
  48. The Natalie years
  49. My Toyota 4-runner
  50. When I got my license
  51. The day I died
  52. When I kissed a drunk hot chick
  53. When I held 25k in my hands
  54. When I bought my first car with my hard earned money
  55. My Subaru WRX
  56. Moving back to Arizona
  57. Why I don't feel connected with my dad
  58. How much I hate packing/moving
  59. My new apartment
  60. Ex girlfriends
  61. The color yellow
  62. A Afghan my mother made for me
  63. My stuttering and lisp days
  64. YSA ward in Utah