I just recently bought a project car. It runs. Has a brand new engine, transmission and rear end. It was being built from the ground up. So all I have to do is body and interior. But let me list what I need to make it 100 percent. I will need...
  1. Disk brakes
    You'd be amazed at how slow drums brakes can be. And when your car has 520 horsepower you need an extra stopping force.
  2. Wiper motor and blades
    You know...in case it rains.
  3. Molded carpet sets
    To make it quite in the car. Plus it looks better then a metal floor board
  4. Interior insulation
    Makes it nice and quite when driving.
  5. Seat belts
    That's a big one! It'll need those first
  6. Interior door panels
    Better then just the metal and inner workings showing
  7. Replacement headliner
    Because rusty metal above your head is cool
  8. Classic walnut steering wheel
    Right now it has a 9in racing steering wheel. Makes it hard to turn. Give me the old 15in steering wheel.
  9. 2in flow induction hood
    For looks. It's cool.
  10. Hood insulation
    Keep the heat from the engine down. Not making the car so hot.
  11. Rear wheel quarter panels
    They are rusted. Need to be replaced
  12. Power steering pump and pully
    Make it a little easier to drive. All the cars now have this feature.