The Type of People I Don't Get Along With

  1. Rude people.
  2. Self center people.
  3. The "you should do this for me because I'm awesome" people.
  4. Thirsty people.
  5. People always on their phones.
    This is a big one. Seriously?! Put down your phone, look at me and talk to me like a human being. Don't give me the "yeah", "ok", "uh huh" when I'm trying to talk to you.
  6. Judgmental people.
  7. Cocky people.
  8. The over flirty people.
  9. The stupid people.
    Is common sense just a myth now?
  10. People who get away with everything because they are attractive.
    When I worked at a bank one of the guys who was a teller was rather attractive. And he would always show up late. (30 minutes to an hour) past his shift and the manager would be all "oh it's okay". And this happened many many times. I show up and late and all I get is "what the fu** Steve!"
  11. People who are in a bad mood and try to make everyone else in a bad mood
  12. The loud people in public trying to sound important.
  13. ...basically everyone