For my sixth birthday my dad gave me the Beatles anthology and I would lay on my floor and listen to the magic. Basically, I was practicing to be the weed loving teenager I would eventually become. But now I realize that my favorite songs at the time really matched up to the stage of my life I was in.
  1. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (elementary school): I liked the idea of being Lucy flying around in the sky with diamonds. I had no idea what any of it meant, it just sounded fun
  2. Let it Be (middle school): I went to an all girls school in NYC so all the cattiness of most girls high school experience we condensed into three years of middle school. Worst days of my life, I needed something to tell me it was going to be alright.
  3. I Saw Her Standing There(high school): I was youthfully upbeat and my life was about where I could drink and dance
  4. I'm So Tired(college): my life had rapidly become about drinking, smoking, drugs and sex by the end of high school and by the end of college malaise had set in. Hard.
  5. I'm Looking Through You(first few years after college): it's when you realize the friends you made in college were mostly because you were in the same place with the same agenda of getting fucked up and in reality you don't have that much in common. Just me?
  6. Yesterday(after my first real break up): the most covered song in history- maybe because we all have been through a break up?
  7. Blackbird(now): I'm still young but not so young that I rebound like I used to. I'm hopeful and enjoying my first real taste of (financial) freedom, living with the love of my life and dare I say, being a real life grown up. Gulp.