Please excuse what might come off as very pretentious (blame @bjnovak for the request).
  1. Literally ANYONE can learn to solve a Rubik's Cube
    As long as you know how to memorise things, and you aren't colourblind, then you can solve a Rubik's cube with enough practice and will.
  2. Rubik's cubes are solved by memorising a lot of short algorithms.
    It takes a stupidly long amount of practice, but once you memorise those series of steps, you can solve the Rubik's cube. No other work required.
  3. It helps if you just take a weekend or so, sit down, and just dedicate some time to it.
    This way, it'll be significantly easier to memorise the steps, and your hands will get used to the movements better than if you sporadically practiced.
  4. It eventually just becomes muscle memory
    I couldn't teach anyone on the spot how to do a Rubik's Cube now, I just know how to do it. It's not due to cleverness or anything, my hands just know how to solve it.
  5. If at all possible, have someone who knows how to do it help you.
    I learned by someone else teaching me, instead of looking it up online. It helped me to learn from a person, instead of online, because they can tell you small shortcuts along the way that you can really only learn from time.