International Women's Week is the first week of March this year, and Glasgow Uni is going all out. Here's some of the events I'm most looking forward to.
  1. Changing the Memorial Gates
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    These memorial gates were given to the university for its 500 anniversary, and there is ONE woman on the gates (top right corner-Isabella Elder- complete badass). The university is going to put up temporary plaques to honour more women in Glasgow's history.
  2. Women's debate workshop + all woman debate
    As a woman, it's hard to break into the boy's club of university level debating. Glasgow Uni is celebrating woman debaters by hosting a huge debate workshop, and afterwards having an all woman debate, to show how much women debaters can kick ass.
  3. Who Needs Feminism? Campaign
    This campaign will be all week long, to show that because it's international women's week, it's important to highlight that feminism isn't just about wage gaps and equal representation, it's also about FGM and other atrocities that happen to women in third world countries.
  4. Vagina Monologues
    To end the week, Glasgow Uni is holding our own production of Vagina Monologues, featuring women from around the world, as well as a hand drawn vagina collage as the backdrop. No one will want to miss this.