@sarah is my older sister. Here's what I like about it. This might get cheesy.
  1. She speaks up for me.
    We're both pretty damn vocal about our opinions. So I know that if I'm uncomfortable standing up for myself, she's got my back because she has the whole 'protective of my little sister' thing.
  2. She's the guinea pig for every different situation.
    Because we have similar interests, Sarah usually tests out a situation I'll be going through a year later. The advance warning is much appreciated.
  3. She has a good taste in style so I get her clothes when she's done with them.
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  4. She calls me out on my shit.
    I can be an idiot sometimes/ a lot of the time. Sarah has NO problem letting me know.
  5. I can always ask her for help.
    Because I actually like my older sister, she's kind of the perfect person to ask for advice. We're really similar, and she's usually able to answer any question I have about anything I'm going through.