Based on 45 minute long shows (because I know that you're binge watching on Netflix).
  1. 5 minutes in: You're introduced to the main plot of the episode (the murder, robbery, etc). You've also listened to some casual chit chat between the main characters.
  2. 10 minutes in: The alternate plot line to the episode has been introduced, typically between the main characters (love triangle, family troubles, all that jazz).
  3. 15 minutes in: You've met a handful of suspects. In a few minutes you'll know that none of them actually committed the crime, typically after an intense questioning from the detective/police/expert.
  4. 20 minutes in: Something develops in the side plot line with the main characters, usually accompanied by hushed and heated conversations.
  5. 30 minutes in: Another suspect, another interrogation, wrong again.
  6. 35 minutes in: Monumental discovery that leads someone directly to the criminal (watch for the phrase, "I'LL EXPLAIN ON THE WAY").
  7. 38 minutes-40 minutes in: At this point, the good guys have caught the criminal, who is ALWAYS the one named person who you met about 12 minutes in who wasn't already a suspect.
  8. 45 minutes in the alternate plot line has come to a comforting conclusion. Credits.