imagine this....
  1. Lorelai Gilmore
    Lorelai would be in gryffindor because duh.. So obvious..
  2. Rory Gilmore
    The shorting hat probably making hard decision between gryffindor or ravenclaw, but if Rory could choose, she would go to the same house that her mother was in
  3. Richard Gilmore and Emily Gilmore
    Richard would be gryffindor, but fall for Emily who was in Slytherin
  4. Luke Danes
    I think Luke was hupplepuff because he would help others without second thought.
  5. Jess Mariano
    Jess is gryffindor. He is gryffindor. I dare you to disagree with me
  6. Logan huntzberger
    All hunzbergers belong in Slytherin. Period. He's manipulative, cocky, arrogant and basically the other version of Draco malfoy.
  7. Dean Forrester
    Dean is straight up hupplepuff.