1. A poke bowl. Half ahi shoyu, half spicy ahi.
  2. A can of juice.
    Which I forgot to grab from the refrigerator at the fish place. Think they'll let me get it next time?
  3. A Coke icee.
  4. Nestle Buncha Crunch.
    Not delicious. Ate maybe 6 pieces & threw away the rest.
  5. Dinner for my brother & I at Agu.
    Kicked up fries, cheek-a-bu croquettes, yuzu jidori ramen & rafute ramen.
  6. Fruit Breaks.
  7. Chia seeds.
  8. Quinoa.
  9. A notebook.
  10. A 2016 planner.
    Even though I just bought one on Black Friday.