It's been a while and am trying to get back on the Listapp horse again.
  1. I was in the last graduating class at NYU film school before they went digital.
  2. I'm Mexican, but don't know how to speak Spanish.
    I blame my father; he didn't teach my sisters and I as babes. He grew up in a border city and faced a lot of adversity as a Mexican college student pursuing medicine. On my to do list...
  3. I'm a new mom to her ❤️
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    Best thing I ever did!
  4. I research youth for a living.
    From Millennials to little littles... In my work I've developed numerous expertise, one of which is what boys like, something I never thought I'd understand as a young person myself.
  5. I have a passion for YA novels and shows.
    Currently reading Bloodlines The Ruby Circle and watching Finding Carter. All time fave show being Veronica Mars.
  6. I don't know how to ride a bike 😔
    Grew up on a house on a hill. How do you learn how to ride a bike as an adult and not look silly?
  7. I do know how to soothe crying baby.
    One solve being the boob, second being blowing in their face - so funny to see their reaction.
  8. Favorite shoes currently on rotation: Birkenstocks, J Crew flats, slip on Vans
  9. I once accidentally stabbed myself with a knitting needle - 😳
    Right in the keister.
  10. I love grocery shopping.
    There's something about perusing the aisles - picking out fresh stuff, trying new snacks, and buying stuff... So gratifying.