I looove TV, so this is hard. Lots of runner ups, lots. I ended up choosing the characters who'd motivate me to persevere!
  1. Friday Night Lights
    I love the Taylor's marriage. I love Coach Taylor's rousing speeches - Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose. I love Tammy's sassiness and wine drinking. I love how "the new class" (Michael B. Jordan) is just as good as the old class (Matt Saracen). Even though the second season isn't the strongest (Landry killing that dude) - what second season truly is. ❤️
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    I was late to loving this series - watched it while in grad school. I choose it because it's time I watch it again, when and if I do get stuck on a desert island. Also, there are a lot of episodes, it's equal parts fun & funny, lovey dovey, and kick ass. Buffy & Angel 4 eva. 💜
  3. The Wire
    McNulty, Omar, Stringer Bell, Avon, Michael B. Jordan again... So many great characters. I've watched the series twice now. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit it's so good, I'd watch it again, and the characters are like old friends; they'd help me get through the hard times. 💚