@Mary and I are avid YA fans and want to know your fave books you read when you were a preteen/teen.
  1. Basketball Diaries
    As a young, naive girl from Arizona, this book was an eye opener!
  2. Island of the Blue Dolphins
    Female protagonist and adventure! Exciting and empowering for this young girl.
  3. Treasure Island
    SO much adventure! Peg leg, the black spot, buried treasure, blind Pew! 💖💖💖
    Suggested by @Mary
  4. John Bellairs books
    These were weird like supernatural books with ghosts and demons and stuff. Maybe the best way to describe the ethos was that they were typically illustrated by Edward Gorey.
    Suggested by @charlie
  5. The Vampire Diaries
    I know this may be lame because there's a TV show now, but I LOVED this series. I still remember the back right hand corner mid-bottom shelf where this was shelved at B Dalton's bookstore at Valley Fair.
    Suggested by @TT
  6. All the VC Andrews books
    Kind of - ok totally - inappropriate for tweens but I adored them. I would say they taught me about sex but I think Stephen King books taught me about sex and these just kind of reinforced. Cc @eatthelove @lesleyarfin
    Suggested by @mandi
  7. The Babysitters Club
    Way less racy than my other suggestions, but just as vital to my 12-year-old self. I now spend an inordinate amount of time imagining what happened to the BSC members when they grew up. Kristy came out of the closet, obvi.
    Suggested by @mandi
  8. Sweet Valley High/Twins/University/etc
    I devoured the whole Sweet Valley world - I even read my sister's SV Kids books when I was really jonesing for a fix. SVH is the absolute best.
    Suggested by @mandi
  9. Witch Week
    I found it in my cousins bedroom when we were visiting family in Long Island, started reading it there and then smuggled it out when I hadn't finished by the time we left. Still read it whenever I come across it in my room at my parents house, probably yearly? Good (better?) predecessor to Harry Potter. It also has a 2.95 sticker from Barnes and noble on it which seems absurd that things were once that cheap
    Suggested by @anneclark
  10. Are you there god? It's me Margaret
    I read this book before I actually knew what menstruation is, so when I was returning it to the elementary school library, my friend asked if it was a good book and should she check it out next? And I said, yeah it's good but they talk about these things periods a lot and I didn't know what they're taking about. In retrospect, it's an entire book about a group of girls trying to get their periods so it's amazing that I read it, enjoyed it, and had zero idea what it was even about.
    Suggested by @anneclark
  11. The Girl with the Silver Eyes
    She can move things with her mind! There's a shady guy chasing her! She meets other that might be like her! I am still waiting for The CW to make it into a series...
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  12. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
    And A Wind in the Door, and the other ones with names I can't remember but can picture in my childhood bookcase perfectly. So good. Such a great intro to science fiction & fantasy. Although I will admit the covers really have stuck with me most, maybe even more so than the actual plot of the books!
    Suggested by @stamos
  13. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin
    Loved that she lived in Maine like me. Controversial opinion: I liked this more than Anne of Green Gables.
    Suggested by @stamos
  14. Roald Dahl books, specifically Matilda
    Suggested by @andy
  15. Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras (Scott Westerfeld)
    Teenagers living in a futuristic dystopian society. The concept was so cool and new to me and I couldn't put them down. Now I want to go reread them!
    Suggested by @kate
  16. Pride and Prejudice
    And so began a life long devotion to Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen. P&P was my gateway drug.
    Suggested by @sogol
  17. The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton
    "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold."
    Suggested by @miranda
  18. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Suggested by @molly