Sometimes you just don't realize how little you will have in common with someone.
  1. Bridesmaids.
    Nice to meet you! Let's spend the next 3 days together...
  2. The other person using your machine at the gym.
    I know how to do a leg press, but thank you for your unwanted advice.
  3. Bus buddies.
    You sit there, I'll sit speak to me and I'll throw steak knives at you.
  4. Dad and baby.
    Alone for the first time. What to do?
  5. A couple in their first apartment together.
    He's here alllll the time.
  6. Empty nesters.
    Oh my god! The kids are gone!!!! ....oh my god. The kids are gone...
  7. A babysitter taking care of their first kid.
    What do mean you don't like hide and go seek???
  8. College roommates.
    So. This is where we live now. A sock on the door means WHAT!?