korean road shop must haves!

these make up items are exclusively from korean road shop brands, however they can easily be purchased from the internet too! i'll keep on adding to this! maybe i'll do an american drugstore one soon~
  1. innisfree no sebum mineral powder
    it's about $6 in south korea, but it is VERY useful and a must-have for oily skin type people! it gets all the excess oils off, and has a pretty matte finish. it's also very small and compatible.
  2. innisfree hand creams
    these are roughly around $4, but they have lots of sales and 1+1 offers in korea! they smell heavenly, and they're also really moisturizing
  3. etude house eyeshadows
    all of their shadows have great pigmentation not a lot of fallout when you use a finger! these are around $4, and they can blend super duper easily. personally, i love the "look at my eyes cafe" line; it has lots of shades for a warm toned person like me!
  4. etude house doctor mascara fixer for perfect lash
    it's around $6, but this is worth it!!! it keeps your eyelashes curled throughout the whole day, however it can make your mascara a bit clumpy, but i don't mind that!
  5. mamonde creamy tint color balm light and intense
    it's on the pricier side of road shop lip products, but it applies smooth, and it's lasting power isn't too bad either. the colors on this line are gorgeous, it's a crayon type and dries matte.
  6. missha modern shadow italprism
    it's $16, but i think that it's worth it. it's applies very smooth, and it really stays onto your eyes. if you like glittery/shimmery shadows, this line has many pretty colors that you can use for daily use
  7. banila co clean it zero- original
    this isn't a makeup product, but it works like magic to take all the makeup off of your face! it's $18, but it's really gentle, so if you get it in your eye while trying to take mascara off, it won't hurt/sting. it has a clean scent to it, but it's a balm type, so it feels pretty oily when you put it on your face!
  8. skin food wedge puffs
    for 4 wedge puffs, it's about $1.50? with one, you can apply makeup for about 6 days? when you apply makeup with this, it goes pretty matte onto your face, and the makeup sticks to your face, it doesn't just stay on top of it.
  9. tony moly spoiler lip pencils
    these are roughly about $7, but they are one of tony moly's best selling items. they apply matte, they almost dupes to the nars lip pencils. i think that is the best way to put a description of these...
  10. too cool for school art class by rodin
    this contouring/shading product costs $16, but it's one of the products that almost every korean makeup lover uses! it doesn't have any red undertones, and it's very light and neutral, so it's great for beginners too
  11. peripera ink the velvet
    these are at $6 each, but they stay on your lips for a while, but it will start to get dry. it has a velvety/matte texture, but this is also one of korea's most loved road shop lip tints!
  12. nature republic by flower blusher
    this whole line of blush can be used as a blush, highlighter, and shading product (depending on the shade you buy!). it's around $7, and it applies very thin, so it's great for beginners as well! it makes your cheeks look very cute and pure... it's amazing~