1. For about 3 months after reading chamber of secrets I was convinced Dobby was going to show up in my room and kidnap me. I always had to turn on the light before going in my room because of this. I didn't even watch the second movie until 4th grade out of sheer terror.
  2. One day in second grade I was in our school's library and on the wall where they usually hang posters I had a weird hallucination or something of the entrance to Diagon Alley. Concerned friends report seeing me walk towards a wall. (someone stopped me before I reached it)
  3. I told everyone my middle name was lunabella because my favorite characters were Luna and (for some bizarre reason) Bellatrix.
  4. When we had to rewrite the three little pigs in 3rd grade, I did the three little witches: Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Andromeda
  5. After reading that Dumbledore died during SSR, I walked up to my teacher and said something along the lines of "this sadness will be eternal"....while crying and clutching the book
  6. I watched too many Dramione videos on YouTube so when the seventh book came out and a chapter was called Malfoy Manor, I went around telling everyone that Dramione was going to be canon before I read it.