1. Ok, you got this! Your hair looks cute. Your shirt is, well wrinkled, but at least it's clean.
  2. Uh oh. New person alert.
  3. Ok, run through the usuals. Name. What do you do for work. Are you originally from here. If not, then where.
  4. Crap. They want to keep talking.
  5. What do I ask??!!!
  6. I hate small talk.
  7. Oh! They asked about my work! I can talk about that!
  8. Shoot, they've been talking and I spaced out
  9. Smile and nod when they look at you expectantly
  10. There's food! I can make my exit in three...two...one
  11. Nom, nom, nom
  12. Surely no one will come talk to me over here
  13. Crap, some looks like they want to talk to me
  14. Oh! Someone I know! Save me! Save me!
  15. Smile and nods while silently wondering when I can go
  16. I've been here an hour and a half
  17. I think I can go now, right?
  18. Yeah, I can go
  19. Don't make eye contact. Don't make eye contact.
  20. I made it to the parking lot! I'm home free!
  21. So I don't have to do that again for like a year, right?