I'm totally biased because one of my undergraduate majors was religion, but I swear, it will change your outlook on everything.
  1. One of the biggest reasons is to learn about your personal biases and how to put them in a box, and set them aside.
    Most people come into the study of religion having already experienced it in some way, and that's ok! But to look at it from an adademic standpoint, you have to almost put your previous notions (biases) aside.
  2. If you're brave enough, take a class in your own religion (if you're apart of one)
    I guarantee you, it'll be challenging but definitely eye opening. It can help you grow in your current faith, or maybe help you decide it's maybe not for you (which happened to me).
  3. Help increase understanding
    Don't just believe what you watch in the media, either positive or negative. Ask your own questions! Read some religious texts!
  4. Sound cool at a dinner party
    I know, 2 things you're not supposed to talk about: religion and politics. But someone always does, and now you can SHUT THEM DOWN!
  5. Reading the English translations are ok!
    Unless you're trying to become a religious scholar, there's no need to learn Latin or ancient Greek. There are some great translated versions of religious texts, and translators really put a lot of time and effort into their translations
  6. Taking one religion class doesn't mean you now have to be a preacher, priest or immam
    Religion impacts and influences so many things in our world. It's completely ok to just want to learn more!