Yes, it's still around. Yes, you should check it out. Yes, this is my very first list...
  1. It has helped me through tough times
    I joined after learning about it in a college class. I was having a rough time finding friends when I first started college and Second Life offered me a community. Several people there were there for me when I decided to transfer schools and when my grandfather died.
  2. I have friends from all over the US and the world
    My best friend there lives in Australia. I have friends in Texas, California, Canada, Germany and get it
  3. Your limits are of your own choosing
    Everything in world is created by the users. Linden Labs gives you the foundations, but that's it! People build, create scripts and animations, have jobs
  4. Roleplay!
    And no, not the type that happens in the bedroom, but there is that too if you want! There are so many communities where you can take on a different character and create stories with other people. I personally love reading and creating stories and role playing (rp) takes that to another level
  5. I can truly be myself
    I am introverted. I take solace in being along and reading a good book. But SL allows me to interact with people, without actually having to open my mouth. I've found that SL isn't as mentally taxing as a normal real life (RL) social interaction. I can be forward and sassy almost immediately with people I meet in SL, whereas in RL it takes me some time to warm up to people
  6. The people are amazing
    I've meet some truly amazing people and many are my friends or my family. Which also brings me to...
  7. You can choose your own family
    Once you've been on for a while, the people you interact with tend to feel less like friends and more like family. I've got a dad, sisters, uncles and a brother
  8. You can check it out too!
    Go to to learn more. Come see me in-world: Sunset Menna. I swear, this isn't some type of advertisement or anything. I think people don't understand on-line worlds, and the best way is to show its awesome, people who play are completely "normal" and the best way is for you to just see for yourself 😬