1. Doing puzzles with my mom
  2. When your shopping total hits right on the dollar
  3. Clean linens
  4. Crunchy in n out fries at the bottom of the tray
  5. Good parking spots
  6. My dog when I give him a rawhide
  7. Having a glass of wine with my boyfriend's mom
  8. Perfect eyeliner on the first try
  9. The successful feeling of properly streamlining yourself
  10. Carpool during rush hour
  11. Gloomy weekday mornings at Disneyland
  12. The feeling of being dropped off at the airport, specifically when you're unloading luggage from the car
  13. Theatrical singing in the car
  14. The texture of beach towels
  15. The excitement that rushes into your voice when you talk about a friend you genuinely admire
  16. Freshly cut & painted nails
  17. The organization of a quality buffet
    Labels, containers, individual colors and textures all separated neatly and convienetly placed with their counterparts— milk and cereal, pancakes and syrup, bread and butter. I love it.
  18. Learning about what events motivate people to do the things that they do
    So. Interesting. The brain is an extremely interesting thing. And also, imagine animal psychology?!? That's insane, we'll never know.
  19. Meeting a really cool girl that you just wanna hang out and be friends with and then finding out she's a mom.
    A reminder that women can still and ARE fiercely themselves throughout motherhood. And condensing them down to a solely "mother" role is a mistake that really hurts you, cuz you're missing out on a cool ass friend.
  20. Sitting on the porch late at night, alone