1. Fat Kid
    When used to describe oneself and with any suffix, especially in hashtag form but even more so when spoken in conversation. (Suffixes: fat kid problems, fat kid life, fat kid diet, fat kid for life, etc.)
  2. Ever so
    Ever so blessed, ever so thankful, etc. You're not Holgas arch nemesis! You can't say that.
  3. How do you mean?
    You mean, "WHAT do you mean"? Imagine if Justin Beibers song was actually called How Do You Mean...
  4. You thought wrong
    My mom always says this. It catches you off guard as one of the rudest most pointless things anyone could say. "The lunch starts at 2pm." "Oh, I thought it was starting at 1pm." "WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG." ***Shes been saying this to me since I can remember, maybe 5 years old? Who does that at all, but to a child?
  5. Talking shit on someone
    It's just grammatically incorrect and makes it sound like you're putting feces ON someone. Weird.
  6. Counting Sleeps
    I don't feel like this needs explaining.
  7. Literally
    Most of the time it doesn't even make sense when people use this word.
  8. Mommy/Daddy
    Grown people who refer to their parents as mommy/daddy. More so when it's only on social media and not in real life. Extra hate for those who write "mummy" or "mum" who did not grow up pronouncing it that way (I'm still bitter about elementary teasing, and I will be... forever)
  9. "Much needed"
    Idk... I hate this