I like to make lists and I cannot lie
  1. Get a brush like this and keep it close by
  2. Get a dust rag, window surface rag, and windex/surface spray.
  3. Start your dishwasher.
    Long term washing starts first.
  4. Gather like-colored clothes laying on the floor/already in basket and start your first load in your washing machine.
    Long term washing starts first.
  5. Add some YouTube cleaning videos to your view list and stream on TV (do this after dishes and clothes wash)
    This will keep you in the cleaning mood
  6. Make every bed in your house
    Need to create a surface for sorting (prevent bending over repeatedly=efficiency)
  7. Clear everything off the floor!
    Use the broom plastic side down on carpet to make piles in room if it's to "that" level of messy.
  8. Place all clothing on bed and non-clothing items in nearby box/basket
  9. Sort items on bed by clean/unclean
    Clean, put away immediately; unclean, place in hamper/basket...hang in there, you're doing good!
  10. Place all dirty clothes into baskets
    Sort if needed
  11. Start laying all hanging clothes flat if too many to hang one-by-one
    Less trips to closet=efficiency
  12. All flat surfaces need to be cleared and a tray/box/basket is usually best to collect. Set aside for putting away.
  13. Put things away in their place if that place is in the same area.
    Less going room to room=Efficient!
  14. Dust the surfaces in that room
    Windex mirrors, windows, and/or fixtures.
  15. Now...hang all clothes
    Fold blankets and place any remaining items in drawers
  16. Repeat in next room (and bring your supplies)
  17. Place box of gathered items in its respective room until ready to put away.
  18. Repeat until entire household of rooms is complete.
  19. Finish by sweeping with the broom, cleaning all toilets, replacing toilet paper rolls and hand towels.
    If needing to mop, take a hand towel cut out the center of it with a quarter size hole place the towel over the wand part of the broom mop and take hot water with Mr. Clean cleaning solution and use that to clean floors...works like a charm!