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If I had to reflect back on my life, music is a big part of it. Here are some songs and other music references that would fit my timeline from birth through today. Those that really know me may pick up on some references. Others, feel free to ask.
  1. In Utero
  2. Breath
  3. Star Wars Main Title
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I will always watch these if they are on. Never fail...
  1. Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
    The prequels were painful, but I watch any of the original trilogy films whenever I have a chance. Even Jedi, my least favorite, holds an endearing place in my psyche.
  2. Harry Potter films
    Magical series. Love the world that JK created for these characters.
  3. Grease
    My favorite (although perhaps not the best) film musical. I have fond memories as a child enjoying the music and film for hours on end.
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