If you're anything like me you'll...
  1. Lie in bed at the end of the night knowing you should just go to sleep but get on your phone anyway
  2. Check Instagram and Snapchat
  3. Read everyone else's list
  4. Compare your ideas to everyone else's in your head
  5. Wonder what YOU should make a list about
  6. Start writing a stream on consciousness list
  7. Wonder if you spelled "lie" correctly (lie vs ly...?...could google it but whatevs)
  8. Hope other people find it funny...or at least amusing...enough to read another
  9. Check the time and be like "dang, shoulda gone to sleep 15 minutes ago."
  10. Keep working on your list
  11. Get on Netflix
  12. Scroll through Netflix trying to find something for the next 35 mins.
  13. Give up and go back to your phone
  14. Accidentally drift off sleep as you try to fini...