Slurp down these bivalves in Washington, D.C. Get them while they are in season!
  1. Rappahannock Oyster Bar
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    $1 Virginia oysters every Tuesday-Friday from 4-7 pm.
  2. Birch & Barley
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    Order up Chef Kyle Bailey's tasty oyster soup with Anderson Neck bivalves.
  3. Eat The Rich
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    Go for late night oysters! Crush $1 oysters after 11 pm.
  4. Hank's Oyster Bar
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    Jason and Mike are behind the bar, and they can fix you a mean oyster shooter. Don't forget a dash of Old Bay!
  5. Succotash
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    Chef Ed Lee is new to D.C. And he's bringing Kentucky cooking, but he stays true to the Chesapeake with fresh oysters served at the bar.
  6. Brine
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    If I had only one place to eat oysters this fall, Brine is it. They are a steal at $.75 cents a pop!