Washington D.C. has a huuuuge array of dining options. But, these are the best (and most likely options) for @realDonaldTrump.
  1. Wendy's
    On Dave Thomas circle 🍟
  2. The steakhouse inside his DC hotel
    The porterhouse is only $110 (also he'll order the only way he eats it: well-done) 😝
  3. Sketchy TGI Friday's in Foggy Bottom
    For endless apps and ultimate mojitos with Rudy (it's a New York institution, after all) 🍸
  4. Pentagon KFC
    There will be some fried chicken in the briefcase carrying the nuclear codes 🍗
  5. Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill
    For a taco salad with Paul Ryan. Because Trump "loves the Hispanics!" And it's where Ryan first got his start waiting tables 🇲🇽