1. Every student wants to succeed in school.
  2. Effort will always trumps ability.
  3. Purpose is the source of achievement.
  4. To achieve we must believe in our ability to do so.
  5. We are more powerful than we think we are.
  6. Goals are not the endgame, habit systems are.
  7. There is no success without failure.
  8. To achieve a goal you first need to have one.
  9. The faster we try to achieve something, the longer it will take.
  10. The first step is the hardest, but most important, step to take.
  11. Money is not the endgame, core values are.
  12. "Reality" is just the story we are currently telling ourselves.
  13. Failure doesn't define us, how we respond to failure does.
  14. Emotion leads to motion, we decide the direction.
  15. To be great, get good at being bad.