1. Don't point and yell
    At ever contest I go to I see parents pointing and yelling at their child on which wave to catch and where they should be sitting to catch waves. It confuses the shit out of the poor kids.
  2. Not everyone can win
    So many parents get upset when the kid doesn't win or do well in their heats. It's a surf contest not the end of the world. No need to tell the kid how bad they just surfed. Be supportive give them a hug for having a go.
  3. Telling your kid to be a asshole in the water
    You'll see it all the time parents telling their kid to go hassle or block the other kid from catching a wave. It's kinda ridiculous just let the surfing do the talking.
  4. Snapping at the judges
    Yelling at the judges because you feel the judges underscored your kids wave is completely useless. For one it takes the focus away from the judging of the heat. Two you can't change anything the judges aren't going to change the scores because some parent yelled at them. Three you're bias of cause you feel every wave your kid catches should be a great score. There is a reason the judges are in the hot seats and not you.
  5. Remember it's meant to be fun
    If your child isn't enjoying competing then don't force the issue. Surfing is fun and competing isn't for everyone. So many parents push their kids into competing at such a young age by the time the kid is 16 he or she are burnt out and surfing isn't fun for them anymore it's turned into a chore.