1. 10/22/12 - Barak Hardley
    Neenan, it’s Barak. Call me back.
  2. 10/9/12 - Ann Maddox
    Hi Tim this is Ann. I, um, got here a little early. Um... when you get home, uh… it’s not um… I hope your Harold audition went awesome and uh… I’ll talk to you soon. Ok.
  3. 11/16/12 - Howie Kremer
    Hey Tim Bobaroo. It’s Howie uh, I wanted to call you about doing the Spank show. November 28th. Um, wanted to see if you wanted to be in it as one of the campers. Give me a call when you have the chance. We’re having uh, a rehearsal actually this Sunday. Um, so if you’re around and able to rehearse, awesome. Uh, at night. Um, but let me know. Just shoot me a call and we could talk. But we’d love to have you in it. It’s gonna be you and Moses, and uh, it’s gonna be Tracy and Jen D’Angelo.
  4. 11/27/12 - Shannon Swanson
    Hi tim this is Shannon Swanson, the production coordinator for CH5. I have a quick question for you that’s actually um… kind of time sensitive for Franny. If you wouldn’t mind calling me back. [Abominable Pictures hold music then plays for 2 mins, 37 secs]
  5. 12/15/12 - Mary Holland
    Hi Tim it’s Mary. I just wanted to let you know that at tech practice, Allan brought up the idea for the Badaturducken sketch that instead of me throwing a plate of actual mashed, uh, sweet pot- oh? They’re calling me, never mind.
  6. 12/16/12 - Aaron Preacher
  7. 2/7/13 - A Woman I Was Very Deeply In Love With
    Hey Tim it’s me. I'm just calling, asking about you, and wanted to hear your voice. That’s all. Bye.