If I actually were to win the lottery (I've never played it, so the odds are pretty low), I'd probably not spend a lot of the money and actually do what the smart people do with their fortunes. But if there were some luxury things I could indulge in, this is what I would buy.
  1. A super fancy jacuzzi hot tub
    I have stayed and could stay hours in a jacuzzi and enjoy some fun (and deep) conversation. Even better if its background is something like the French Riviera or the Swiss alps.
  2. A home cinema
    So I can have huge at-home cinema parties with all my friends and eat my own food ✌🏼️
  3. Buy my parents a retirement/vacation home
    Seriously who doesn't want to do this. ❤️
  4. A sailboat to go sailing in the European seas 😍
    All the Greek islands would be a great start.
  5. Lots of airplane flights to see lots of places I want to see
  6. A trip to Mars or the next planet we can reach
    I'm not kidding. I want to go into space and land on a planet. Just the outer space view of our planet would probably be worth it all for me.
  7. Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
    I love driving. And what's better than driving in a super fast (and reliable) car while looking super cool ✌🏼️😎 and drive along some coasts with the top down.