I was Xstraight-edgeX until after my freshman year of college. This is what I can remember when it comes to firsts.
  1. Caffeine
    Never touched it until my senior year of high school. When friends of mine were going to get push-button cappuccinos from the gas station I had a three day debate with myself about whether I should join them or not. I did. I however did not start drinking coffee regularly until I was in my mid twenties.
  2. Alcohol
    Summer after freshman year of college. Drank a 40 in a cabin and drunk dialed an ex-girlfriend.
  3. Marijuana
    On top of the hill where I would go sledding as a child. A few days after the 40.
  4. Nicotine
    Sophomore year. After rehearsal of the first big show I was in. Smoked for 10 years because of this. This is maybe the one that I wish I had never done.
  5. Acid
    I lost four geltabs at a grocery store and went back in to ask if they had found them. I described them as 'stuff' in some tin foil. They said they hadn't found anything. We were able to buy more.
  6. Mushrooms
    Around the same time as acid. My god it's just great. I honestly don't remember if it was before or after acid.
  7. Ecstasy
    In Salem, MA. With mostly strangers. Junior year I think?
  8. Vicodin
    After ear surgery. Spent a week laid up watching movies. Never for fun. Summer after junior year.
  9. Cocaine/Heroin/Etc.
    Never. Always had a rule about nothing in the nose and nothing in the veins. I was more into hallucinogens anyway. Those I was super okay with.
  10. I'm probably forgetting some. Cause, you know.