I'm a nostalgic motherfucker
  1. Railroad Square Cinema
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    Waterville, ME. We used to drive an hour to see indie movies here. Only indie house anywhere close to where I grew up.
  2. The Village North
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    Chicago, IL. $5 firs run movies. I saw almost everything here. We would ride our bikes to the midnight shows.
  3. The Kentucky
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    Lexington, KY. They had those blinky lights in the ceiling that look like stars when the lights dimmed. Midnight shows on saturday were my jam because I didn't fit in in Kentucky.
  4. The Davis
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    Chicago, IL. I saw punch drunk love here when I was drunk on scotch. Wasn't here all the time, but still amazing.
  5. The Pagoda.
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    Paris, France. Annie and i, on vacation, saw THE TRIP here. It had French subtitles. She was early in the pregnancy and we had been to the rodane museum that day.
  6. The Liberty.
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    Libertyville, IL. Annie worked here when she was in high school. They still have the old ticket system like raffle tickets. Bulb flicker in the corners of the screen. It's amazing.
  7. Shaker Square Cinema
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    Cleveland, OH.
  8. The Cedar Lee
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    Cleveland, OH.
  9. The Charles Theatre.
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    Baltimore, MD. Home away from home when filming. Only indie theatre in Baltimore. I've been here countless times.