This was given to me the first week I was in town. The only Los Angeles advice I've ever needed.
  1. Get an apartment you like.
    You will spend a lot of time there. This isn't a walking around, out all day, eating out kind of city. You will be spending time there. You will have bad days here so make sure you are returning to a place that feels like home.
  2. Get a reliable car.
    This is a driving city. Spend the money to get a car that won't break down on the side of the 101. You will have bad days and a shitty car will only make them worse.
  3. Discard poisonous people
    You will meet them. People with negativity about the town and the business and their position in it, no matter the rank they have achieved. They will look to infect and feed off of you. Do not let them. Do not return their calls or texts. Cut them out of your life. They are poison in the truest sense.