When I say this, I mean it literally. Like drew a sharp breath in. There are some that I've forgotten.
  1. The fact that the storekeeper who shot the teenage girl only got probation
  2. OJs Racial Politics
    He didn't see himself as black he saw himself as OJ and wanted others to do the same. When he pulled out of the Rockaway house after the chase, he was heard saying 'what are all these n*****s doing in Brentwood?'
  3. Mark Furhman's Lawsuit
    The one where he says he's so racist he should be given his pension I think
  4. Autographs
    To make money for the trial and costs of lawyers who were costing $50,000 a day, OJ signed memerobelia in prison. $3,000,000 worth of memerobelia.
  5. The sheer amount of helicopters in the sky covering the chase.
    There were a few shots skyward and there were just so many of them.
  6. Arthritis
    OJ didn't take his arthritis medication for two weeks before trying on the gloves so his hands would be swollen.
  7. Public Opinion
    At the end of the trial; 77% of white people thought he was guilty. 72% of black people thought he was innocent.
  8. Marcia Clark was in the Vegas Courtroom for the robbery trial
    She was reporting on the case for entertainment tonight.
  9. This entire documentary was fascinating and I wish there was more of it.